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At MHS, we have been providing Medical Transcription Services to numerous health care centers for over a decade. We provide the highest accuracy along with a short turnaround time for every document.

Medescribe can provide you with high quality Medical Transcription Services at affordable prices along with the flexibility to adapt to your practice requirements. We also offer a free one-week trial period with no obligation!

Our clients Outsourcing Transcription to us avail the following benefits:

Low cost without quality is worthless - Our transcribed documents have an accuracy of >98.5%. Moreover, accuracy improves with time as the nuances of each individual client are learned.

HIPAA Compliant:
Our services are HIPAA compliant.

Turnaround time:
Medescribe operates 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. We offer dictations with 24 or 12 hour Turnaround times. All dictations are ready within 24 hours or less-Guaranteed!

Transcription Technology Solutions:
We offer state of the art Medical Transcription Softwares (TranServer and CareViewer) and dictations can be dictated using hand-held digital recorders or our toll-free numbers.

We have the ability to format your documents in a way that best meets YOUR needs.