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Privacy Policy

Information note on personal data protection: The personal data you provide, by means of registration to the Medescribe healthcare Services to, and web manager, (hereinafter together also referred to as 'the Companies' or the 'Controllers') will be processed with respect of the principles on personal data protection and by the national legislation of the Controllers regarding the protection of personal information and, in any event, with the principles of confidentiality on which the Companies business is based.

Navigation data: Medescribe' web servers automatically record certain information concerning the electronic access systems you use, such as the name of your Internet supplier, the Internet page it comes from, the Internet page(s) visited on our site, the date and the length of the visit.

IP Address: The identification of the IP addresses is necessary for the management of our Internet site and in particular for the diagnosis and prevention of technical problems, unauthorized intrusion and/or possible excessive use of various services offered by the site. IP addresses are not usually connected to information allowed to identify you.

Cookies: During your navigation inside our web site, information is gathered that may allow your computer or browser to be identified through files called 'cookies'. These 'cookies' are a series of encrypted texts that are stored by a website on the user's computer so as to allow quick identification the next time you visit the web site. These files allow the personalization of a website; provide easier browsing to the user and, through a quantitative verification of the accesses to various web pages, a better presentation of the most requested information. Generally, the cookies we use make use of anonymous information and therefore do not allow the processing of your personal details. Furthermore, the cookies can be used for memorizing your login information and thus make your recognition automatic (consequently, the insertion procedure of User Name & Password is unnecessary). You can always ask for the cookies to be deactivated, but this deactivation may slow down or prevent access to certain parts of the site.

Except for the navigation information above mentioned, we do not collect any other personal information, except of course for the data that you will be providing when you register with the Medescribe site or, if ever, when you register again, take part in a poll or for the execution of an agreement, etc.

Copyright: All the contents of are protected by copyrights. All rights belong to Medescribe. This Internet site may not be reproduced in whole or in part, transferred using electronic or traditional methods, modified, linked and used for public or commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Medescribe.

Data Controllers: Medescribe is committed to protect your personal information. We do not make any of our customer's information public. We understand how valuable is your personal information and privacy. We make sure that the information, which we collect from the clients/customers for administrative functions, is not provided to a third party for any reason. Only authorized and limited personnel have the access to our customer's database. This way, you can be assured that any personal information that you provide us would stay with us.

The Data Controllers are Medescribe Healthcare Services, the registered office of which is in 2500 Packard Street, Suite 104A, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

Medescribe reserves the right to make changes to our policy at any time without any notification. We will notify our current customers about the changes in privacy policy either by e-mail or by news update feature of our website. These Changes in policy would be effective immediately upon the notification.

Any request in relation to personal information processed by Medescribe may therefore be addressed to the following electronic address