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 Our Benefits
In today’s healthcare market, with many regulatory changes, technology and rising operating costs, the healthcare providers across the US are facing challenges as they are in a greater financial pressure than ever before and simultaneously they have to focus on their core business while trying to meet these industry requirements. In an effort to help meet these challenges, Medescribe offers healthcare providers our medical transcription services. Our team is highly experienced and helps you to simplify the process and outcomes that you wish to achieve and therefore implement the right solution to deliver the right business outcome. With these added values and financial gains we help our clients sustain a long term strategic success. This commitment to excellence has translated into a steady increase in the number of healthcare providers using all our integrated medical transcription services year on year.

   Key capabilities and features:

  • Our dedicated team is well versed in the healthcare domain with excellent skill set.
  • 20+ years of US healthcare industry knowledge.
  • Consistently follow industry's best practices to improve and excel.
  • On-going education and training on medical transcription process.
  • Delivery commitment by meeting all requirements.
  • State of the art infrastructure to support your IT platform.
  • Minimal or no cost in some cases to upgrade and maintain computer hardware and software.
  • All work is done in real time, rather than batching work to be completed at a later date, thus enhancing efficiency.
  • Measuring performance outcomes, both quantity and quality for accurate reporting.
  • Compliance driven policies, procedures and practices.
  • Provide 24/7 client support.