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Our Applications
CareViewer is a desktop based application with ability to send audio files from the doctor's office to the vendors. It accepts dictation from toll free phone lines, digital recorders, and other hand held devices.
Easy transfer of audio files from the physician's office/desk at the push of a button.
Easy transfer of audio files from the physician's office/desk at the push of a button.
Ability to pre-date the date of transcription.
Automatic storage of transcribed documents on the computer according to the date of dictation.
Search dictations and transcriptions by date dictated, procedure date, patient's name and multiple other options.
Instant messenger Services.
E-mail and print options
Secure Data Transfer Portal
As a premium Health Care Management Service Provider, Medescribe has developed and uses TranServer, a Transcription Software that is a fully integrated end-to-end data transfer portal built using state of the art network/hardware platform allowing voice and data to be moved anywhere on a network or the Internet. TranServer consolidates dictation, transcription, quality assurance, document delivery and document management which makes it an ideal Transcription Solution platform for any one outsourcing transcription services.

Provides the infrastructure for Transcription Solution Providers. Setting up new MTs and/or clients is quick, easy and inexpensive. Medescribe provides free of charge software, which can be installed directly from the web and an account can be setup instantly.

The latest security standards are utilized to ensure data confidentiality, files are sent in an encrypted format and every stage of the workflow process is protected to ensure maximum security in accordance with HIPAA regulations to take care of HIPAA Compliant Transcription Services.
Eliminate investment in hardware, software and maintenance.
Dictation by toll free telephone, Handheld Device or Digital Dictation System.
Documents are delivered directly to the PC in various formats including Microsoft Word and WordPerfect.
Web enabled Dictation Management System to effectively manage and track the entire transcription workflow process on a 24/7 basis.
Web based Reporting Facility to generate detailed or summary reports of the dictations made by each client including automated invoice and hot billing.
TranServer uses state-of-the-art network technologies for secure and confidential access compliant with HIPAA guidelines for security.
Accessible 24 hours, 365 days a year.
System Features
TranServer accepts dictations via toll free phone lines, digital handheld recorders or other digital dictation systems.
All dictations/documents delivered over the Internet are 100% secure using 128 bit digital encryption.
Transcription service resellers can manage multiple transcription service vendors simultaneously.
Audit trails for every action performed on both dictation and document files.
Multiple secure delivery options available via Internet/fax.
Provide client side software to electronically file transcriptions at the client location. Multiple search features available.
Pre-determined custom actions before delivering files. For example, renaming to customer standards, delivery to multiple destinations, delegation and signature authorization.
Remote reviewers can be part of the transcription workflow using specialized reviewer tools.
Web based billing interface to generate invoices for both resellers and vendors.